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Customer Service

As you may already be aware, a social media site like Facebook is the perfect place to handle customer service issues. Due to the intimacy, engagement and many communication options you have available to you in-house, handling a wide range of customer support issues is made incredibly easy. However, few new brands on the scene actually take the time and care necessary to provide such support.

If you’re not providing support to your customers by way of your Facebook brand, then you’re really behind the curve here. How will you get out of a crisis? How are you going to deal with disgruntled customers? In fact, how will you even know if you’re having any issues whatsoever?

A hands-off brand is a failing brand in any context and in any industry. If you want to have the best chances at running a smooth business with a happy base, then offering support is the direction you want to go in.

6 Ways to Provide Quality Customer Service

  1. Source, and Source Some More

    For the customer support in general, you may want to outsource this to any one of a number of companies online. This is a good move if you’re dealing with tech-based issues or other issues that may be very time-consuming. Of course, smaller brands may find it hard to deal with this expense.

    If this is the case, crowdsourcing might come in handy. Developing relationships with your peers, experts and authorities, and super-fans will enable a system wherein a customer’s questions may be answered by people loyal to your page.

  2. Take Charge of Everything

    Whether you’re hiring someone, handling things in-house, or have a system in place where common questions are picked up by others, you still have to let everyone know who’s in charge. This is your brand we’re talking about. You cannot allow someone else to represent it, and you cannot allow the misconception that you’re not in charge. So make it clear from the start that you’re in charge of the brand.

  3. Be Transparent in the Process

    One of the best things about using Facebook for business is that it’s easy to be transparent. However, few brands actually allow themselves to be transparent. For every open door, there’s an opaque window obstructing the view. This is definitely the case when a lot of brands handle customer service issues. They’ll deflect and divert blame and refuse to divulge information.

    Don’t go this route. Be very open and honest about your dealings. If something is your fault, own it. A customer with a complaint isn’t necessarily going to take his or her business elsewhere. More often than not, they just need reassurance. Transparency helps provide this.

  4. Learn the Issues

    Of course, you’re not going to be able to handle many issues unless you know what they are. If you don’t feel like eating the expense of outsourcing, you can always educate yourself on some common issues. You don’t have to go outside of what you handle with your brand. Perhaps you’ll want to learn about how your particular apps work, the coding of your pages, and other aspects pertinent to your brand. This way you’ll always be able to handle issues quickly.

  5. Create Alerts

    One of the reasons that a big website is able to handle customer service issues so seamlessly is that they have alerts. Whether it’s through a support ticket or emails, they are alerted when anyone has an issue. You can do the same here easily. Give people a way to contact you directly with their issues, and set up some alerts to let you know when anyone is struggling.

  6. Have a System in Place

    From the moment you’re made aware of the issue until the moment you’re able to resolve it, there’s a lot of stuff that may happen in between. This is why it’s always best to have a system put in place. Having a system to handle initial complaints, to separate them, to match them with proper solutions, etc – it’s all part of operating a well-oiled machine.

    Since a site like Facebook makes it so easy to handle customer support issues, you only have to do your part to actually offer support to your customers. With a little effort and commitment, you can set up a great system to handle any type of issue.

Article Written By: Craig Robinson, an online writer for Qwaya – a facebook ad management tool. Besides writing about social media topics, Craig covers other trends within social media for Qwaya and he has studied social context and media-communication science.